Snapping Up a Culinary Delight with Thornleys Natural Foods

Natural sauce company Thornleys invited us to frame their food.

Thornleys are a family run business producing 100% natural sauces and recipe mixes. Being a family of Coeliacs, their recipes are carefully crafted to cater for such special dietry needs – free from preservatives, additives, MSG, colours, wheat and gluten – yet maintaining a high quality in both how their recipes look, and how they taste.

Thornleys Natural Gluten Free SaucesCurrently selling a range of five sauces, Thornleys were working on a new website to better-showcase their delicious products. CMS Live built and developed the eCommerce part of their website, as well as enhancing the SEO, so that Thornley’s would be able to sell their products online as they should, and would start to make more of appearance in search engine rankings, driving in more business. To enhance their profile in the food industry, Thornleys were also looking to give their image bank a bit of a revamp, to highlight their products visually.

Thornleys got in touch with food stylist, Rachael McNeela, and myself, to arrange a photoshoot. We took on board Thornleys honest values, creating a photoshoot that would do the job we all had in hand. It was important to not steer away from the natural image Thornleys wanted to promote. For this reason, we did the shoot in a genuine family kitchen, to give the photos that sense of authenticity.

Having set up our gear, we arranged the locally sourced food we had been provided with in a way that would capture the essence of Thornleys products, and began to shoot in a way that displayed the recipes as they are on the backs of the packets, ensuring that customers get exactly what they see.

We took 200 shots altogether, over the course of a day, which we then whittled down to the 12 best images that we all thought did the products the most justice, and would capture both the imagination and intrigue of Thornleys hungry customers.

Thornleys-954What made our photos particularly special, was that, apart from scaling and cropping for the purpose of different mediums, Thornleys didn’t manipulate or edit the photos beyond the final results we provided them with. This meant the images stayed as organic, and as true to form as possible. Our use of light and colour in the photoshoot was natural and homely, so there was no benefit in any extra tweaking, as ‘natural’ was our goal.

We love doing food photoshoots for the same reason you love to watch a good cooking programme – who doesn’t like to see beautiful food being made before you, and having your mouth water at the sight? The only difference with doing a photoshoot, is that we got to actually be in the kitchen as it was being made. We would be lying if we told you we didn’t have a sneaky munch in-between snapping – it was delicious!

It was a great shoot to be a part of, and a great day all round. We highly recommend you check out Thornleys website and treat yourself to some of their sumptuous recipes: