Mr Pennine Bodybuilding Competition 2015

mrpAll the Might and Muscle in a Flash

Martin was invited to photograph the Mr Pennine Bodybuilding Competition on April 25th 2015. It was a great opportunity to display his on location and event photography skills, and more specifically, his ability to capture the world of fitness on camera.

As you will see in his portfolio, Martin got to take some great body shots that are emphatic of the competition’s history and celebration of the bodybuilding culture. The black backdrop that the show’s stage provided was great, as it meant that contestants weren’t getting lost in it and their bodies were the complete focus of the shot. This meant that Martin had some stunning bold images for his portfolio, and the competition and the contestants had some photos that really made them the centre of attention.

The event which sees gunning bodybuilders competing for a competition title, took place at Pendle Hippodrome, which provided a professional and grandiose space for the budding bodybuilding contestants to show off their wares, and flex their muscles.

Mr Pennine is an event that prides itself in its inclusion of people of all ages, sending out a positive and encouraging message to participants and audience members alike, that bodybuilding isn’t, by any means, out of reach for anyone.

mrpennineWith competition categories ranging from ‘Juniors’ to ‘Over 50’s’, from ‘Novice’ to ‘Masters’, and including both men and women, it’s a great opportunity for all bodybuilders to get involved and see how they fare against others of their age and physique.

Having had a break for 25 years, late Burnley gym own Michael Coupe brought the beloved competition back in 2014. Sadly, Michael passed last September 2014, but with all of the cogs of the competition back in place and running, event organisers decided that in 2015, the show would continue in his memory. Margaret Duckworth, who helped organise the show in 2014, has continued with her support to ensure it’s an event to remember.

Michael had always been a strong and loyal supporter of the IBFA, as well as those who are just starting to make their way in the bodybuilding world. So, to go on with the show would have absolutely been what he would have wanted.

On the lead up to the event, IBFA head judge, Colin Tyson, visited Intershape Gym in Colne with the competition’s trophy, to give people a chance to catch a glimpse of what would be in store. Not only will the show provide a platform for local male and female bodybuilders, but it will also open doors for entry in to the IBFA Mr and Miss Britain competition, which could lead to the World Championships in Rome.

It was a spectacular event that really displayed the bodybuilding elite of our locale, and it was an event that will stay in the memory in terms of the photo opportunities it provided, and the quality of photographs it resulted in.

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