Meat v Fish

Our Martin headed up the photography at the fantastic event Meat V Fish at the Oyster & Otter at Feniscowles, Blackburn on 3rd July 2014.

10552426_748206008559072_1683119687298856558_nIt was Meat v Fish all the way with Nick ‘the Knife’ Mellin in the Rooster Red corner wielding his trusty cleaver with his opponent Anton ‘Le Poisson’ Shirley ready to fillet his fish in the Seafood Blue corner.

Battling head to head to create the most exquisite cuisine in the eagerly anticipated first round of their new roadshow.

The Seafood Pub Company’s Executive Chef, Anthony Shirley, created the most mouthwatering dishes through their fish preparation and butchery masterclasses. Showcasing Roaming Roosters Fillet of Beef and Seafood Pub Company’s Turbot it was up to us lucky diners to decide which dish had the edge to win this first round.

Martin was able to get close to the action with some superb images that really captured the fantastic atmosphere of this great night.

The lucky diners really put the chefs to the test sampling superb dishes from the Red corner such as grass fed beef fillet, miniature steak and kidney puddings which put a new spin on the traditional dish with the Blue corner producing the winning meal with their Turbot with seaweed butter sauce, Turbot and cockle croquette with samphire and sea herbs.

With Anton ‘Le Poisson’ Shirley’s Turbot taking the winning title its up to Nick ‘the Knife’ Mellin to up the pace for Round 2..