Mancini Menswear – The Importance of eCommerce Photography


Sell it like you want to wear it!

It’s a common mistake to assume that eCommerce is easy. Especially in selling clothes. Clothing businesses often make the amateur error of thinking that just because their sales are high in their brick-and-mortar shop, it means it will be the same online. This is not the case.

The main reason for this? Well, what’s the one thing you can do when physically walking in to your favourite clothing shop, that you can’t do when viewing the same products digitally? Touch them, handle them, and see the products from every angle at the benefit of point of view vision.

Luckily, there’s a solution, and it lies in the hands of a professional photographer. If your products aren’t selling online, then it’s more than likely that you have poor images. You wouldn’t go in to a shop and buy a product if it looked rubbish, so why should it be any different online?

When shooting clothing products, Martin considers all of the important factors. He uses minimal backgrounds, so your product isn’t lost in, or hidden by, what’s going on around it. Macro photography is a great way to get close up shots, and reveal what makes your products so unique. For example, take a look at Martin’s Macro shots of Mancini Menswear polo shirts, here, and Mancini Menswear jeans, here.

Mancini-SS15-Polo-484-600x900It can be hard for your customers to imagine what your clothing will look like on them. With a ghost mannequin available, Martin is able to show what your products would look like when worn, without the distraction of a real model. It can be a brilliant technique to demonstrate the style and fit of your clothing products. The more your customers can envision themselves wearing your clothing, the better.

Lighting is another important element. Depending on the level of detail in your products, different types of lighting may be suitable. Often, natural lighting can be the way forward, as it creates soft shadows, making your products easy on the eye. Martin will be able to determine your best option. Check out Martin’s photos of Mancini Menswear shoes, here, for a great example.

Do your clothing products come in different colours or textures? Every detail that your product description mentions should be shown. If you’ve said your jackets have built-in televisions, for example, then your customer will want visual evidence. For an example of showing variety, check out Martin’s photos of Mancini Menswear belts, here.

It may seem like obvious stuff, but it’s important to get it absolutely perfect if you want your eCommerce business to succeed. So why not hire a professional, and get the high quality images you deserve.

Martin can work on location, but he also has a studio, to which you can send your clothing products for him to shoot, and have them returned, meaning he can work with clients all around the UK!

Do you have some clothing that needs bringing to life? Get in touch. Email [email protected] or phone 01282618210.